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All American Boys

Off The Page is honored to partner with TYA/USA, The Alliance Theatre, and Playscripts to officially release the script and video recording of ALL AMERICAN BOYS (based on the book by Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely) as a resource to confront systemic racism, police brutality, and its impact on young people across this country. The video and free access to the digital script are available here.

Designing Scotland’s future Sustainable House

Introducing the topic of climate change, carbon emissions and how to build more sustainably. Setting a project task for P6 and P7 pupils to design their future sustainable new home.

Our future new housing needs to be low carbon. Schools will be asked to submit their designs by end of March 2021 and will be uploaded to an online exhibition Gallery

Download the brief for Scottish Teachers

Download the brief for International Schools.

Informed Scotland

Source: www.ajenterprises.co.uk/informed-scotland/

Informed Scotland learning & skills digest aims to encourage and make it easier for busy people to look beyond their immediate sector/subject/silo, to make connections and learn from others dealing with similar issues in different circumstances. It highlights the wide range of partnerships and knowledge exchange happening right across the learning & skills landscape. And it looks for emerging patterns and common themes, for what’s new and innovative, and for the creatively brave, unique and quirky.

Fear & a few ideas of ways to work with it – Part 1: Getting a grip of it…

A blog about Fear and few ideas on how to start to get to grips with it. Includes some handy breathing techniques for when life gets the better of you. Linked to Thursday's event in the discovery tent at 11am, "How do we stay brave? What might be the inner work of creative bravery?"

Creative Bravery Festival Schedule

The go-to document for offline viewing of all the events happening during the week.

Move toward mastery-based learning

Source: Chris Davey - Head of Creative at Whitespace

Personalized, mastery-based learning has been around for more than a decade, but the best solutions still reach a minority of kids. Technology has made the model even more compelling, enabling personalization at a level that’s impossible to achieve in the traditional classroom.

Hidden Giants Resources

Source: Hidden Giants

Hidden Giants is an education consultancy agency that collaborates with teachers, practitioners and policy makers. We support school’s to re-imagine their curriculum by placing innovative, creative and critical thinking at its heart. Our partnerships can be seen as experiments to improve everyone’s experience of education.

There's many different downloadable resources and a blog.

Earth Speaker

Source: Earth Speakr

Earth Speakr is an artwork by artist Olafur Eliasson. It invites kids to speak up for the planet and adults to listen up to what they have to say. It speaks speaks the 24 official languages of the EU. Some aspects of the artwork are just for kids, aged 7+. Kids can use the Earth Speakr app to record ideas about the wellbeing of our planet. Adults can participate by listening to, sharing and creating augmented reality Loud Speakers to demonstrate & amplify the powerful messages the kids have shared.

The Walking Classroom – Set of Resources

Source: Mixed Sources

These resources about walking and are linked to the discovery tent event hosted by Maggie O'Neill, Jerry O'Neill and Karen Lawson on 22nd September at noon. They invite you to explore different ways we (and others) have engaged with walking through people, place and provocations.