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Deep Listening from the root

What if this amazing concept were introduced into the formal curriculum of public education?

The Deep Listening is a long life practice, it is an experience that involves going below the surface of what is heard, expanding and surrendering to the entire field of sound while finding the focus, it is a powerful personal radar, which allows us to identify the infinite layers and what allows us to connect with the acoustic environment, with everything that inhabits it and everything in it.

Although this is an ancient, ancestral practice, in the 1970s the brilliant American composer Pauline Oliveros redefined this generous, democratic and revealing concept as “the ability to listen in all possible ways to everything that can be heard all the time. Deep Listening is exploring the relationships between each and every sound, whether natural or technological, intentional or unintentional, real, remembered or imagined. Thought is included. Deep Listening includes all sounds that expand the boundaries of perception”.

This ability to develop the hearing system is brought to us by everyone, from people with low hearing to those who have no major difficulties in their hearing system. There is no one way to listen and develop this ability. What is interesting about this practice is that it strongly encourages body work, the practice of meditation and relaxation, it encourages social interaction, as well as listening to the sounds of daily life, nature, one’s own thoughts, imagination and even dreams. It cultivates a greater awareness of the sound environment, both external and internal, and promotes experimentation, improvisation, collaboration, play and other creative skills vital to personal and community growth.

We open ourselves up to listen to the world as a field of possibilities and listen with limited attention to specific things of vital interest to us in the world. Through access to many forms of listening we grow and change, whether we listen to the sounds of our daily lives, the environment, or music. The Deep Listening takes us underneath the surface of our consciousness and helps to change or dissolve boundaries.

Deep Listening is a birthright for all humans!

2 thoughts on “Deep Listening from the root

  1. Sometimes we listen while we continue with the task in hand and allow the words to wash over us. We begin to feel different without realising why the words have affected us. It then takes you on a magical carpet ride of thoughts and changes how your day progresses. Listening to the world without pictures is deeply emotive and strangely we become receptive to the words even in crisis.

  2. Indian culture has a lot of understanding to enlighten us with,about deep listening. Mantras and instruments are meant to resonate with natures sounds and help us to connect with our deep nature.

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