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Department of Learning

What if we swapped our focus on “education” for a focus on “learning” instead? Whereas “education” is often confined to schools, the notion of “learning” expresses so much more. We could rename and reestablish our Departments of Education as Departments of Learning. We could weave programming across schools, libraries, afterschool programs, playgrounds, and more. We could pair artists and technologists with teachers; we could pair social workers and mental-health counselors with school nurses. We could make learning a practice of curiosity, creativity, and love — one led by learners and supported by whole communities (and even whole countries). It’s a change of just one word, but it’s a big change in mindset.

5 thoughts on “Department of Learning

  1. This is pretty much the way education is framed in Finland. The central theme in their curriculum is development of the child as a person, and the learning takes place through engaging projects and problem solving in the real world.

  2. This is a great, I would love to see this! It also makes me think about the idea of lifelong learning. Our educational system is so often catered towards the younger generation, but what if we could provide more opportunities to continue learning as we get older? Would it help us to remain open to new knowledge and challenge our worldviews? Would it give us the opportunity to become multi-disciplinary learners? Would it bring more purpose and meaning to older people’s lives?

  3. I love this idea too. Feel like it’s much more in line with the ethos most school are trying to approach especially now nurture, play and creativity are becoming more recognised as tools for best learning. Also feel this idea breaks down those barriers as we are all learners and should be learning from across different sectors.

  4. YEs! This is what my organisation is all about! We’re called Lightup Learning, and we work in secondary schools around Edinburgh, mentoring students 1-to-1, helping them to explore their interests and develop a love of learning! It’s student-led, and we have so much fun! https://twitter.com/learnandlightup

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