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Future wellbeing

what would our children’s mental health look like in the future if every adult working with young children were trained in emotion coaching?

3 thoughts on “Future wellbeing

  1. Strength in vulnerability. If children grow up seeing adults round them caring and attending to mental health they can see role models who have feelings, have challenges, and can still be strong. Attending to our mental health might make us feel vulnerable at times but it’s not a weakness, instead a strength that will make children all the more resilient. Being with adults who are alive to mental health issues can help reduce stigma about mental illness and show that our emotional and mental lives are part of us all!

  2. Alongside homework to have a wellbeing journal for each child to add to daily. To note things they are grateful for or worried about.

  3. Great idea, seeing growing numbers of learners experiencing poor mental health all educationalists should have a knowledge and understanding of basic mental health and utilise coaching tools to enhance self-awareness and build confidence and self-esteem. Our systems need to adopt more person centred approaches that break away from trying to force young people to conform to archaic standards that often stifle creativity and imagination. Trusting learners to find their way, to guide their learning processes and create magic instead of continuing with old approaches that often disengage learners.

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