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More joy please

What if we weren’t so focussed on the assessment of individuals and instead on the joy that comes out of proper interdisciplinary collaborative experimentation and play. It’s not such a radical idea so why don’t we see that more?

3 thoughts on “More joy please

  1. …and through this nurture a life long joy of learning. I work occasionally with a group of young people who have spent most of their life sitting outside classrooms and seeing learning as something negative and ‘beyond them’ (as one of the boys told me). There has been little joy in the time they have spent within school. How will that effect them in their future? I know too many people that have had a negative experience of learning and it has stayed with them throughout life. If ‘joy’ was an essential part of the learning experience it would mean learning became more child focused.

  2. I’m part of a movement started in lockdown called #JoyFE💛 and my word it is taking off. We’ve formed a company called Joyful Education and people (in adult education) are gathering around the practice of values, particularly joy. Why we wouldn’t want children and adults to have joyful lives everywhere is beyond me!

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