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Teaching planetary boundaries

This is very broad but activities that teach young children about needing to live within planetary boundaries can be very specific and tailored to the child’s individual interests and abilities. I have a few ideas here – https://www.bigdreamslittlefootprints.org/teaching-resourcefulness
My hypothesis is that if we teach our children from as young as 2 or 3 HOW to live happily by buying less, buying better, mending and sharing, and WHY this is so important, they will hit adulthood understanding the challenges we face and knowing what needs to change. They won’t feel desperate and anxious but empowered and optimistic.

One thought on “Teaching planetary boundaries

  1. Being creative is all about new, but the ideas usually come from the past. Mending and repairing is a natural phenomenon, in nature we see it with the seasons, on islands we see it with necessity, we can learn with what we have because we invent ways of making our days interesting by using what we have around us. Sometimes, if we’re lucky we invent something that is magical and meaningful on many levels to different ages and abilities.

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