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Pallet Town

Pallet Town is an epic event for children ages 8-12. The concept is simple; combine pallets, nails, children and hammers et voila you have a pallet town!

The event is best run in summer to ensure a great time for everyone. Depending on what the organisation is able to achieve it can be either a day or a weekend.
Children are divided up into teams, each team having a supervisor or two to support them in the process. During the day(s), events can be held such as team games, theme related activities, a bonfire etc.It’s a great opportunity to connect to local organisations, charities, volunteer groups and businesses!
The concept comes from my experience with the event in the Netherlands which has been running for years. Since coming to the UK I’ve been dreaming about importing this amazing concept!
At the moment we’re looking to connect with people in the Inverness area to set this up there. However, we are also very keen to share the idea and support interested people to try to create something similar!
If you fall in either category please get in touch! We’ve got plenty of more detailed information for whoever is interested!