The Creative Bravery Collective returns braver than ever with our annual online festival, a physical fringe festival at COP 26 and our Brave Times newspaper published by young people.

The Creative Bravery Festival will be hosted online for the second year between 4-7th October with a focused programme to celebrate acts of bravery that rethink how we educate and help transform our world. The festival is produced in collaboration with educators, entrepreneurs and designers to create diverse, democratic spaces where we ask (sometimes difficult) questions, spark debate and make new connections.

The ethos for our festival is built on self-organising teams of people collectively offering their time, knowledge, and skills to enhance everyone’s understanding of creatively brave thinking in education. Want to participate in this year's event? Follow this link and fill out our application form.

We will share our festival schedule very soon, so be sure you’re one of the first to hear about it by subscribing to our mailing list below.

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Creative Bravery Collective

We are experienced educators, entrepreneurs, and designers tackling the toughest questions with a collective mindset. We know that a collaborative effort is crucial for overcoming global problems, that is why our team focuses on creating democratic spaces for diverse communities to ask (sometimes difficult) questions, spark debate, make new connections, explore brave ideas and figure things out together.

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